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Islay Stamps

Date of Issue: 6th September 2019


A set of three stamps depicting geese

Date of Issue: 11th November 2019


A set of three back-and-white photographs of Islay war memorials, issued to mark 101 years since the end of the First World War. The memorials depicted include The American Monument, Port Ellen War memorial and the Kilchoman Parish momument.

Date of issue: 10th September 2018


A set of eight stamps based on Islay's lighthouses.

monochrome stamps IMG_3044 (2) cross

Date of Issue: 21st May 2018


A set of three stamps depicting the crosses of Islay.

Date of issue: 6th October 2018


A set of two stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the sinkings of the HMS Otranto (6th October 1918) and the SS Tuscania (5th February 2018).


Date of issue: 1st December 2018


A set of four stamps for Christmas, with children's artwork.


Date of issue: 21st January 2019


A set of three stamps depicting the ferries currently serving the island.


Date of issue: 1st May 2019


A set of six stamps focusing on the historic Lordship of the Isles.

GreatSealofIslay barnacle-goose-1887553_960_720 poppy