250 years of the Round Church

2017 saw the 250th anniversary of building work beginning on Kilarrow Parish Church (it was not completed until two years later) and to commemmorate the occasion we have issued this set of three stamps showing the exterior of the church building.


Famously designed to be circular in order that "there would be no corner for the Devil to hide in", the churchyard is also the resting place of the Rev. Donald Caskie - a local boy who later found fame as "The Tartan Pimpernel" while serving as a minister in the Scots Kirk in Paris. Mr Caskie died in 1983, and his MBE is on permanent display within the church.


A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these stamps will be donated to the Church of Scotland.















Stamp set: Mint stamps £1.75  CTO stamps £1.75


Stamp sheet: Mint £7.50  CTO £7.50