Christmas 2018

This is a set of four stamps for Christmas. We ran a competition inviting contributions for festive pictures - and we thought these were the best.


25p—by Eden. Eden has shown Santa’s sleigh flying over a village. We liked the idea of Santa dropping presents down chimneys, and the stars in the sky.  Well done Eden.


50p—by Cassi. Cassi sent us this fantastic picture of the Wise Men and the shepherds arriving at Bethlehem. Baby Jesus is in the crib. We liked the simplicity of this and the use of colour. Thank you Cassi.


75p—by Xanthe. Xanthe decided to make a snowman, outside on a cold night. What’s very nice is that someone has thought to give the snowman a couple of presents. This is a great picture, Xanthe—thank you for sending it to us.


£1—by Heidi. Heidi coloured in a Christmas star and gave it a smiley face. We liked its cheerfulness and the contrast with the night sky. Brilliant work, Heidi.


First Day Cover - by Jack. Jack shows Father Christmas, an elf and a Reindeer taking the ferry to Islay (we’re relieved to know the winter weather allowed for the crossing; it wouldn’t do for Father Christmas to be stuck at Kennacraig).








stamps sheetlet

Set of four stamps: £2.50 (Mint or CTO)

Sheetlet of eight stamps: £4.50 (Mint or CTO)

christmas fdc

First Day Cover: £3.00

Full sheet: £7.50