Celtic Crosses of Islay

A set of three stamps depicting the Celtic crosses of Islay:


Kildalton Cross - one of the finest and best preserved of all the Celtic Crosses in Scotland, the Kildalton Cross dates from the late 8th century. It bears depictions of Biblical stories in addition to the more "Celtic" features.


Kilnave Cross - the oldest of the Islay crosses, the Kilnave Cross was created between the 5th and 8th centuries. Weathering means there is very little of the original decoration visible, but it remains impressive. The cross is situated in the cemetery of Kilnave chapel, the site of an atrocity following the Battle of Traigh Ghruinneart.


Kilchoman Cross - This cross dates to the early 14th century, when a new church was built at Kilchoman.  The cross is remarkably well preserved and highly detailed. Its design is elaborate, bearing resemblances to the great cross at Oronsay Priory.




Stamp set:  Mint stamps £2.00   CTO stamps £2.00


Stamp sheet: £7.50


First Day Cover: £2.75